Plymouth Judo Club  

From January 2016 our adult class has moved to: Hybrid MMA & Fitness Centre, 22 Clare Place, Plymouth, Devon PL4 0JW


     Judo was developed in Japan by Dr Jigoro Kano in 1882 based on the unarmed sections of the ancient Chinese art of Ju-Jitsu. Kano insisted that Judo made the maximum use of the mind and body and this is the fundamental principle on which the sport is based.
The first World Championships were held in 1957. Judo first appeared at the 1964 Games in Tokyo, with women's Judo becoming part of the Olympic programme in 1992.

The Plymouth Judo Club is one of the oldest established clubs in the South West of England and is the ONLY Judo Club in Plymouth under the governing body for Judo in England(BJA) with a Spot England Club Mark

                             Last update: 04 April 2016