1. Judo is an amazing form of physical exercise.

Not only is Judo a fun sport for kids and adults, it is also a great form of exercise. Fitness is generally specific to what you are training for. However Judo is a sport that offers all round fitness, from upper body strength to stamina. And entering any dojo you’ll see people of all ages and abilities.

2.  Judo is more than just a sport. It is an education for life.

Not only do you learn the techniques of Judo in our lessons, but the philosophy behind the art of the sport. Beginning with a bow to your opponent as a sign of respect, the lessons continue, learning how tocoordinate and balance your body and mind.

As well as mastering the art of Judo and learning techniques, judokas will also learn the art of Randori, which is a form of free practice. It is here that more lessons are learnt. Participants soon realise that they are more capable than first thought, testing mind and body against their opponent.

You will be thrown, pinned down and challenged, and as in life, you will learn to pick yourself back up and start again. Pushing you to learn and study from your mistakes. Judo is a sport that challenges the mind and body to work as one!

3. Self control and discipline.

Judo is a powerful sport, where skills are practised on another human being. A sport that is bounded by self-control and discipline, if pushed too far, it can result in injury. Not only is it a test of strength, it gains confidence. As you start to realise your physical potential and gain strength, and fighting ability, your confidence will improve.

4. The feeling of throwing for Ippon.

The throws in Judo are experienced with zero risk, as you will learn how to fall correctly during your first lesson. An ippon is the equivalent to a knockout, yet in judo, the person on the receiving end can get right back up without injury.

5. It is a martial art and an Olympic sport.

The sport comes with many benefits, but people practising it don’t just see Judo as a form of physical exercise, but as an art. Not only are the techniques of Judo taught, but the vast and colourful history. It is an art suitable for all ages, not just for the elite and super fit.

6. Respect is taught from the first lesson

Respecting yourself and others is the central lesson to Judo. From the initial bow to avoiding injury of yourself and others, it is a lesson that you will learn time and time again and that you can carry through to all aspects of life.

7. Problem solving

Finally, the sport is great way to learn the art of problem solving. Whilst practising Judo, you will face many problems in a high pressured environment, causing you to think fast on your feet and learn how to adapt to the situation with the skills that you have learnt. Judo will inspire self-development in and outside of the sport, and will teach you to ask questions that will empower you, such as ‘how can I avoid this situation’ and ‘how can I improve in this area’.


Sure there are more, such as the way we develop friendships in Judo that last a lifetime and also the self-defence element of the sport, but these are some of the more powerful motivating factors that should encourage people to try this wonderful sport.